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We are delighted to offer our entire visitors and customers to our website a financial calculator which will help them to access financial information and achieve their financial goals with more flexibility and reduces their external costs. This tool will provide our businesses another way to access financial information and empower also our customers and visitor to make better financial decisions with the most timely and accurate data.
This tool will also help our customers and visitors understand how much they could borrow, compare loan products, plan a budget and much more. The calculator helps the customers and our prospective customers to get the answer to their questions they are looking for in less than 15 minutes. The financial calculator is ready to be used.

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Calculator Multiple

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Credit and interest rates

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Credit Type Interest rate Range Deadline
Free Investment 1.39 % 1.000 To 30.000 usd 24
Produits Agricoles 1.3 % 15.000 To 25.000 Usd 36
Insurance Vehicle 2.6 % 5.000 To 15.000 Usd 18
Health Insurance 1.2 % $7.000 Usd To 20.000 Usd 12
New or used vehicle 1.5 % 2.500 To 8.000 Usd 70
Home purchase 1.69 % 2,000 To $10,000 Usd 240